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Xobni Insight – An essential add-on for Outlook

I heard of Xobni several times in the past year through posts like the one below. I wanted to throw in my lot with this tool – it’s a great addition to Outlook.

Xobni Insight – Microsoft Outlook  [Beta – Invite Only]

xobni-logo If you are a Microsoft Outlook user this is one tool you should definitely try out. Xobni Insight is a Outlook addin that allows you to easily manage your Outlook emails and contacts showing you statistics on the number of emails you have sent or received from a person, threaded conversations, automatic phone number discover and the best of all a faster email search.

Once you have installed Xobni you it will attach itself to the Outlook window and show you statistics of the email you are reading, you can easily navigate all the emails for a given contact or create a appointment with them using this nifty tool.

Xobni is invite only, so if you are looking for invites leave a comment and I will share it with you, there are only 10 invites left currently.

Weekly Software / Website / Beta Launches: January 12 2008#more-565

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