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jkOnTheRun:Freeware of the Moment- Wired Marker for Firefox

jkOnTheRun:Freeware of the Moment- Wired Marker for Firefox

Today’s Freeware of the Moment is an interesting extension to Firefox that turns the surfing experience into a productivity activity that will change the way you save information.  Wired Marker is an extension developed by the Japanese government that adds the equivalent of a box of colored highlighters to Firefox so you can highlight those passages you want to remember the next time you visit that web site.  You can tailor the colored markers to represent different categories and the things you highlight will be saved along with that web page for retrieval next time you visit the page.  I am happy to report that Wired Marker works well with Tablet PCs and UMPCs so you can use your pen like a real highlighter on web pages.

[From: jkOnTheRun:Freeware of the Moment- Wired Marker for Firefox]

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