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jkOnTheRun:HP introduces 2730p- refresh of the 2710p

jkOnTheRun:HP introduces 2730p- refresh of the 2710p

…The new model, the 2730p, retains the wonderful form factor of the older model yet addresses the most common complaints of that older model.  I got a chance to play with the 2730p at HP’s offices recently and I am extremely pleased with what they have changed.  First and foremost the 2730p adds a jog wheel on the side of the screen that can be easily accessed while using the Tablet in slate mode.  This jog dial is sorely needed and it’s great that HP included it on the 2730p.  They are also making the 2730p available with either a ULV or LV option on the processor which can beef up performance over that of the predecessor.  You can get the 2730p with a 5400 rpm drive, a speed improvement over the slower drive of the 2710p.  Last but certainly not least while HP has retained the track stick that I love so much they’ve also added a trackpad for fans of that input method.  They now have us all covered with those two both at our beck and call.  The most exciting addition to the 2730p is the Gobi wireless option which works with both CDMA and HSDPA networks.  This means that a 2730p so equipped will work with every carrier in the US and most carriers globally.  I am happy to report that the 2730p is compatible with all the accessories for the 2710p so the dock and slice battery can still be used.  HP has also improved the pen silo…

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