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The Cheap Revolution: Top 12 Books for Entrepreneurs

The Cheap Revolution: Top 12 Books for Entrepreneurs
Sean comments on the cheap revolution blog with some good books to read

This is a good list for the concept stage, I would add “The Innovator’s Dilemma” by Clayton Christensen and “Four Steps to the Epiphany” by Steve Blank for your concept stage list. For a marketing focused list I would point to an article that Mark Duncan ( and I collaborated on “Crucial Marketing Concepts” that’s available in a short and long form here:
the long form also includes book reviews for a dozen good books on new product introduction.

There is also a good list of business books at
that you might want to think about for your Launch Stage section.

I would also second the movies “Startup.Com” and Tucker from Peter Ireland’s list (but none of the others) and add the “Triumph of the Nerds” documentary by Robert Cringely on PBS.

[From: The Cheap Revolution: Top 12 Books for Entrepreneurs]

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