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Missing Send to OneNote Printer? Try these | Bulahema Workshop

It is weird that if you install Office 2007 after uninstalling Office 2003, or any other way such that you don't see a send to OneNote printer. Having tried reinstalling, repair, remove/add feature again, and none of these works, then try the following:

I downloaded and installed PDFCreator using the MSI option. Upon installation, I found that the printer that was supposed to be created was not on my PC either. I looked on PDFCreator site for a solution. It referenced me to SetupLog.txt file in the PDFCreator folder, where I found this error – InstallPrinter [PDFCreator]: 1797: The printer driver is unknown. I then googled on that error and came up with this link…, which states to “Uninstall the msi package and use the exe setup.” So, I did that. As I was installing the exe version, it noted an error with a corrupted path setting and asked to fix it. So, I let it fix the corrupted path setting, which required a reboot. Upon rebooting, I attempted to install PDFCreator again. This time it loaded as I expected and it created the Printer too.

That got me to thinking, maybe the corrupted path setting is the cause of the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer Printer Disappearing. So, I tried installing it again with these steps:

via Missing Send to OneNote Printer? Try these | Bulahema Workshop.

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