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Recipe: Khichdi – Swaminarayan | NutritionVista…Better Health. Simplified.

Khichdi is a comfort food, that contains rice and lentils that is simmered till mushy and seasoned with spices. This simple dish can be prepared in a variety of  forms… while some cook it in a bland, plain way, others cook kichidi as a rich & delectable delicacy, just like the way they prepare and serve it at The Swaminarayan Sansthan.

Swaminarayan Khichdi is prepared using a combination of rice, lentils, mixed vegetables and spices. This can also be called as mixed vegetable kichidi and is an excellent comfort meal and nutritious as well, if you control the fat going into it. This is commonly served with Kadhi [Recipe available in our 'Recipes' section] and other accompaniments like chutneys & raitas

Recipe: Khichdi – Swaminarayan | NutritionVista…Better Health. Simplified.

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