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Portable Open Source browser QtWeb updates to version 2

Qt Web, the portable, privacy-focused web browser I first posted about in January, has announced the release of its second major version.

The new version features even more customization options for menus, hotkeys, and buttons, including the ability to hide the main menu. Version 2 also adds a virtual keyboard for mouse-only surfing, a print preview option, a better download manager, and improvements to QTWeb's privacy tools. A number of bugfixes have also been implemented – the full list is available on the QT web site.

Two new features that developers will appreciate have been added. Web Inspector – a Firebug-like tool for examining web pages – makes it easy to analyze and troubleshoot code. The Inspector also includes a resources view (pictured) which tracks load times for individual elements on a page. Command line scripting has also been added, which allows dumping pages (including javascript-heavy ones) to a single file.

The installer, portable executable, and zipped portable version are all available from the QtWeb download page.

via Portable Open Source browser QtWeb updates to version 2.

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