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Offline files save to alternate partition

This can be done through a Directory Junction which can redirect to a new location of offline files.
The Offline Files are stored in the folder %SystemRoot%\CSC (which usually is C:\Windows\CSC or a different drive letter in place of C). First, create a folder on a partition with large space and give it an informative name, say, D:\Offline Folders as a suggestion.
You need to delete the existing folder and create a junction in its place. For this, boot into Safe Mode as an administrator and delete the CSC contents and folder.
del /s /q %SystemRoot%\CSC should to the job.
Having created the new location folder, and deleting the existing CSC folder, now is time to create a Directory Junction for CSC folder with the following command:
mklink /J %SystemRoot%\CSC
for example: mklink /J C:\Windows\CSC “D:\Offline Files”
Now, whatever is meant for location %SystemRoot%\CSC gets directed to the new location.
I hope this helps.
Note: The quote marks in “D:\Offline Files” were required because of a space character in the folder name, otherwise not necessary.

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