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Introducing the NowVia Channel. Plus, new SmartThings Recipes

NowVia lets you collect and curate everything you find interesting, and organize them into topic-specific channels.

The NowVia Channel on IFTTT makes sharing posts and updating your profiles a breeze.

IFTTT Recipe: Share my SoundCloud favorites to NowVia connects soundcloud to nowvia

IFTTT Recipe: If I add a post to NowVia then share it on Twitter connects nowvia to twitter

IFTTT Recipe: If I add a photo to an album then make it my profile cover art on NowVia connects ios-photos to nowvia

Visit NowVia’s profile for more Recipe inspiration.

There’s a whole lot more you can do with the SmartThings Channel. Use Recipes to track temperature, humidity, and moisture. You can even turn on/off a siren or strobe!

IFTTT Recipe: Strobe my SmartThings siren if category 1 hurricane winds are nearby connects weather to smartthings

IFTTT Recipe: Call my phone if moisture is detected nearby connects smartthings to phone-call

from Introducing the NowVia Channel. Plus, new SmartThings Recipes
via Instapaper+ifttt.

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