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Five new Channels for Quirky products

Five awesome products by Quirky now have Channels on IFTTT.

The Egg Minder, NimbusPivot Power Genius, Porkfolio, and Spotter Channels unlock brand new ways to use your devices. Try some of these Recipes by Wink.

IFTTT Recipe: If your Egg Minder has less than ___ eggs then add a reminder to your iPhone connects wink-egg-minder to ios-reminders

IFTTT Recipe: If new followers on Twitter then update your Nimbus dial connects twitter to wink-nimbus

IFTTT Recipe: If you add $ to Porkfolio then add a new row to a Google Spreadsheet connects wink-porkfolio to google-drive

IFTTT Recipe: If the temperature rises above ____° then change the lights to red connects wink-spotter to philips-hue

For more Recipe inspiration, see Wink’s profile.

from Five new Channels for Quirky products
via Instapaper+ifttt.

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