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The power of IFTTT, now on Android

We are delighted to introduce IFTTT for Android. What’s available in the Play Store today is only the beginning.

Download the app for your phone or tablet and unlock six new Android Channels, including the Device and SMS Channels.

IFTTT Recipe: Automatically set your latest Instagram as your wallpaper connects instagram to android-device

IFTTT Recipe: Turn on your lights when you're near home connects android-location to philips-hue

IFTTT Recipe: Rain tomorrow? Get an Android Notification connects weather to android-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: If you miss you mom's call, email her to let her know you'll call her back connects android-phone-call to gmail

IFTTT Recipe: Upload your screenshots to Dropbox connects android-photos to dropbox

IFTTT Recipe: Sorry, I don't do voicemail (missed calls get an SMS) connects android-phone-call to android-sms

from The power of IFTTT, now on Android
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