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Introducing the Numerous and GroupMe Channels

Numerous is an iOS app designed to help you keep tabs on the numbers that matter most in your life.

IFTTT Recipe: Track total miles driven with Automatic Link and Numerous connects automatic to numerous

IFTTT Recipe: Track and share your FourSquare checkin count with Numerous connects foursquare to numerous

IFTTT Recipe: Reset a Number to Zero at Midnight connects date-time to numerous

GroupMe is a versatile and free messaging service that lets you communicate within groups or with one person. Best of all, it works on nearly every phone.

IFTTT Recipe: Share liked Instagram pictures with your group. connects instagram to groupme

IFTTT Recipe: Share Dropbox files with your group. connects dropbox to groupme

IFTTT Recipe: Favorited articles in Pocket are shared to a group. connects pocket to groupme

from Introducing the Numerous and GroupMe Channels
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