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Introducing the Fitbit Channel

Fitbit designs products that track everyday health and fitness, empowering people to lead active lives.

The Fitbit Channel connects your goals, activity, sleep, weight, and more to over 100 unique Channels on IFTTT.

IFTTT Recipe: Haven't achieved your daily goal? Get an iOS notification connects fitbit to ios-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: Text your trainer when you don't achieve a daily goal by a specific time connects fitbit to android-sms

IFTTT Recipe: Post a status on Facebook when you achieve your daily distance goal connects fitbit to facebook

IFTTT Recipe: Log your weight to Fitbit via text message connects sms to fitbit

IFTTT Recipe: Track your Fitbit sleep logs in a Google spreadsheet connects fitbit to google-drive

Fitbit is hosting a Recipe sweepstakes for a chance to win new devices! Submit your Recipes and learn more here.

Already have a Fitbit tracker? Visit Fitbit’s profile for Recipe inspiration.

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