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Introducing the Saga and Yo Channels

Saga is the automatic lifelogging app for everyone. Saga records your real life story, as told by the places you visited, and what you did there.

IFTTT Recipe: Mute my ringtone when I go to the library. connects saga to android-device

IFTTT Recipe: Tweet when I'm out seeing live music. connects saga to twitter

IFTTT Recipe: Count how many fast food places I visit. connects saga to numerous

For more Recipes to try visit Saga’s profile on IFTTT.

Yo is a single-tap zero character communication tool. Yo is everything and anything, it all depends on you and the time of the Yo.

IFTTT Recipe: Yo, toggle my lights! connects yo to wemo-switch

IFTTT Recipe: Yo my lights off! connects yo to philips-hue

IFTTT Recipe: Yo IFTTT, text my friend! connects yo to android-sms

Check out Yo’s profile on IFTTT for more Recipe ideas.

from Introducing the Saga and Yo Channels
via Instapaper+ifttt.

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