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Introducing the Nike+ Channel

Nike+ helps you measure your movement, track your progress, and compete with friends.

Connect the Nike+ Running App or your Nike+ FuelBand App to over 100 Channels on IFTTT with Nike+ Recipes.

IFTTT Recipe: Tweet when you beat your weekly Distance Goal connects nike to twitter

IFTTT Recipe: Lights go green with NikeFuel when you reach today's goal connects nike to philips-hue

IFTTT Recipe: Get a weekly summary of the NikeFuel Goals you achieve connects nike to email-digest

IFTTT Recipe: Track your daily NikeFuel goals and activity in a Google spreadsheet connects nike to google-drive

IFTTT Recipe: Post to Facebook when you beat your weekly Nike+ Runs Goal connects nike to facebook

IFTTT Recipe: Notify your Running Group when you beat a Nike+ Pace Goal connects nike to groupme

Featuring a new Collection! Recipes for athletes powered by Nike+

from Introducing the Nike+ Channel
via Instapaper+ifttt.

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