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Introducing the Space Channel

Although first visited by humanity in 1961, Space has evoked a sense of wonder for millennia prior and is the ultimate domain left to explore.

The Space Channel is a native IFTTT Channel powered by NASA, Open Notify, Mars Atmospheric Aggregation System, and How Many People Are In Space Right Now.

IFTTT Recipe: Read the week's ISS On-Orbit Status Reports every Sunday morning connects space to email-digest

IFTTT Recipe: Set my Android's wallpaper to the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day connects space to android-device

IFTTT Recipe: Save breaking news reports from NASA to my Pocket connects space to pocket

IFTTT Recipe: Did an Astronaut enter space? Find out by iOS Notificaiton connects space to ios-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: Did an Astronaut exit space? Find out by Android Notificaiton connects space to android-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: Log each time the ISS passes overhead to a spreadsheet connects space to google-drive

IFTTT Recipe: Tweet when the season changes on Mars! (As detected by the Curiosity Rover) connects space to twitter

No account necessary to activate so launch right in!

from Introducing the Space Channel
via Instapaper+ifttt.

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