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Introducing the Best Buy Channel

The world’s largest consumer electronics retailer is now on IFTTT.

The Best Buy Channel enables you to catch products as they become available in stores, follow when their prices change, and watch what the world is browsing today.

IFTTT Recipe: Receive a daily digest of all Best Buy trending products connects best-buy to email-digest

IFTTT Recipe: If the PlayStation 4 price changes, send me an Android notification connects best-buy to android-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: Send me a digest of all new Home Automation & Control products at Best Buy. connects best-buy to email-digest

IFTTT Recipe: Get an iOS notification when the price changes on a Best Buy product connects best-buy to ios-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: Add the most popular products on Best Buy to a spreadsheet connects best-buy to google-drive

IFTTT Recipe: Email me when a new product is added to a category I pick connects best-buy to email

You don’t need a Best Buy account to take advantage of Recipes like these. Get started!

from Introducing the Best Buy Channel
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