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Introducing the ORBneXt Channel

ORBneXt is an always-on, realtime desktop data display device.

It connects to your home or work internet via Wi-Fi and allows you to track a virtually endless array of information.

IFTTT Recipe: Flash ORBneXt when your event on Google Calendar starts.  connects google-calendar to orbnext

IFTTT Recipe: Turn on ORBneXt night light every day at 8:30PM. connects date-time to orbnext

IFTTT Recipe: Flash ORBneXt Every Time the International Space Station Passes Overhead connects space to orbnext

IFTTT Recipe: Flash ORBneXt Blue if new Twitter Follower.  connects twitter to orbnext

IFTTT Recipe: If text messaged received from your wife flash ORBneXt green.  connects android-sms to orbnext

For more useful ideas see ORBneXt’s profile on IFTTT.

from Introducing the ORBneXt Channel
via Instapaper+ifttt.

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