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Open Source or OutSource (From Rajesh Jain)

E M E R G I C . o r g: November 5, 2004 Archives

Open-source or Outsource

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Embedding Helix player in a mono application

10 Mar 2004: Embedding Helix player in a mono application (From: Eric Dasque)

At the last Linux World, in NYC, I met Vikram Dendi and some of his team and we chatted about Real’s open source project Helix video player and mono. Helix player is available on multiple platforms.
We thought it was a pretty good idea to create a GTK# widget to embedd the player in mono applications and they went ahead and did it…

Nutch Open Source Web Search

Yahoo! Research Labs: Nutch Search Results

Welcome to the Yahoo! Research Labs implementation of the Nutch open source search engine ( This search engine is intended as a demonstration platform for a number of search related technologies that we are working on and is specifically not intended to provide a full and comprehensive search experience for the average user.


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