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Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course


Squash Buster: Squash exercises

Squash Buster:

The game of squash is demanding. It is one of the most demanding sports because it requires aerobic endurance combined with anaerobic power, quickness, strength and flexibility. In my experience playing around the league, I wish I saw more players conduct a proper warm-up and stretch prior to playing to help prevent this and other squash injuries from occurring. I hope this article helps you incorporate some simple exercises into your routine to help prevent this injury from occurring.

[From: Squash Buster:]

Video tutorials > Sport > Snowboard > Snowboard Basics

Video tutorials > Sport > Snowboard > Snowboard Basics

[From: Video tutorials > Sport > Snowboard > Snowboard Basics]

Snowboarding gear- DaKine Pyramid Studs from


DaKine Pyramid Studs from

Knee Pain Exercises


Iliotibial Band Stretch:

Standing position:
Stand up. Cross right leg behind left leg moving crossing knee beyond the midline of the body. Lean from the hips to the left, the stretch being felt on your right hip, side of the leg and knee. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on other side.

Sitting position: Sit in chair: Bring right foot to outside of left leg, bringing knee towards opposite shoulder so that the knee crosses the midline of the body. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on other side.

Knee Pain Exercises

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