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20 registry hacks to make your PC more awesome | News | TechRadar UK

20 registry hacks to make your PC more awesome | News | TechRadar UK

Save CPU time
The average PC has several programs wanting to use the processor at any one time, and so Windows allocates each a period of CPU time – a ‘quantum’ – before moving to the next. By default this is very short, which makes for a responsive PC, but it sometimes means that Windows wastes time just switching between processes.
The solution? You can try what Windows Server does: set up your system to use a long quantum. Set ‘HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPriorityControlWin32PrioritySeparation’ to 16 #hex#.
Longer quantums mean fewer switches between programs and so less wasted time. It can push some programs too far, though, and you might begin to notice games lagging or video playback becoming less smooth. If you spot any problems, just restore the original Win32PrioritySeparation value #probably 26 hex#.

[From: 20 registry hacks to make your PC more awesome | News | TechRadar UK]

Tablet PC and Mobile PC Forums – Intel AMT technology

TPM = Trusted Platform Module used for DRM and used by Vista for BitLocker

AMT = Active Management Technology used by 3rd party management software such Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager


Virtualization is used by Virtual PC 2007 SP1, Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1, and Server 2008 Hyper-V or VMWare ESX Server


As long as you or your IT department isn't using these technologies you should be able to disable these services….

via Tablet PC and Mobile PC Forums – Intel AMT technology.

Tablet PC and Mobile PC Forums – 2710p pointing stick drag – Page 1

I've recently purchased a 2710p and am a very big fan of almost everything about it.  One odd thing I've noticed that might be unique to my machine is a problem with the pointing stick.  When I'm moving it around and come to a stop, it very often just keeps moving along as if it's slightly stuck in that direction.  I have to hit it again to make it stop moving.  This becomes very annoying at times when I just want to click on something.  Anybody else experience similar issues and know whether its an internal problem or actually something off with the pointing stick?

via Tablet PC and Mobile PC Forums – 2710p pointing stick drag – Page 1.

Tablet PC and Mobile PC Forums – Windows 7 compatibility on X60t / X61t / X200t – Page 1

I'm running the Windows 7 pre-beta (Build 6801 – distributed at PDC) on my Lenovo ThinkPad X60t MT/MV.  Over the past few days I've been able to get many ThinkVantage utilities and drivers working on the system, but not without a few tricks.  So I've started this thread for ThinkPad users trying out Windows 7… so you can get as many ThinkVantage utilities working as possible.

via Tablet PC and Mobile PC Forums – Windows 7 compatibility on X60t / X61t / X200t – Page 1.

Windows 7 Themes | ithinkdifferrent

These themes for Windows 7 are free for personal use. Don’t bother on trying them with Vista or XP because they just wont work. All the wallpapers used in the themes are credit to their respective authors, but the work done in putting up these themes together is all mine. I’m all open to requests for themes of particular types. Don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed to stay updated.

To use these themes, simply download them and double click to open them in the Personalize options.

via Windows 7 Themes | ithinkdifferrent.

Vista video corruption. Repeatable. – Vista Forums

I just found something interesting about why I was hitting weird artifact and video corruption problems on my win2k3 server box. After reading the following I realized that winword.exe had hit the 10000 GDI object limit and was causing havoc.

He might also want to run Task Manager, turn on “Show processes from all

users” (just in case), go to the Processes tab, turn on Handles, Threads,

and GDI Objects, and then verify those numbers at the start of the day

versus at the end when things are in a bad way.

I'd think that that application is badly written and causing resource


via Vista video corruption. Repeatable. – Vista Forums.

Following the workarounds on this support article fixed it for me.

Desktop application menus are improperly displayed if a process exceeds its GDI object quota in Windows XP or in Windows 2000.


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