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Qualcomm Gobi WWAN Card on Windows 7 « Curiously Nerdy

have been surprised by the extremely small number of compromises that I’ve had to make after installing Windows 7. One of the more painful for myself however is the problem with support for my laptop’s internal WWAN card which is based on the Qualcomm Gobi chipset. It looks like this chipset is used on some HP laptops as well as my Lenovo Thinkpad (W500) and my Boss’ X301 for both Verizon and/or AT&T. This chipset is new from Qualcomm and is supposedly a global radio supporting any provider on both CDMA and GSM by using a dynamic firmware capability.

During the time of the Windows 7 beta and now the recent RC1 there have been some rumblings from people that need this support to be able to use Windows 7 full-time. Reading through the posts and trying to get this to work I’ve found there to be two blocking issues getting this card to work, the first is getting the drivers to install on Windows 7, and the second is getting the dynamic firmware to load onto the card.

[From: Qualcomm Gobi WWAN Card on Windows 7 « Curiously Nerdy]

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